Board & Staff

The Weekend Theater Board

John Andrew Ellis //  President
//  Vice President
Karena Mallot  //  Secretary
Kimberly Labbate  // Treasurer

Michael Beverly, Jamie Scott Blakey, Andy Hall, Margaret Parker, Tommie Tinker, Danny Wood


//  Artistic Director

Amie White  //  Executive Director

Byron Taylor // Graphic Designer

The Weekend Theater Staff

Executive Director  //  Amie White (
Assistant Artistic Director  //  Baleigh Almond
Assistant Executive Director  //  Sandy Robbins

Marketing Director // Shaina Tippitt

Staff Secretary  //  Beckey Davis
Building Manager  //  (Position Open)
Technical Director  //  Alan Malcolm
Resident Music Director   //  Lori Isner
Resident Vocal Coach  // (Position Open)
Resident Lighting Designer   //  (Position Open)
Resident Sound Designer  //  (Position Open)
Resident Photographer  //  (Position Open)
Resident Prop Mistresses  //  Beckey Davis & Phyllis Thomas
Program/Print Designer  //  (Position Open)
Social Media  //  (Position Open)
Resident Magician // Eric Wolff
Volunteer Coordinator   //  Lisa Childers

Graphic Designer // Byron Taylor

House Manager/Intermission Bar Coordinator  //  Donna Singleton
Historian   //  (Position Open)
Box Office Coordinator/Display Marketing //  Tiffany Arnold