Ak Mak / Goulash

JAMES. (Hello.) Ak Mak.

THERESA. (Hello.) Goulash.

JAMES. Ak Mak?

THERESA. Ah … goulash. Goulash.

JAMES. Ak. Mak.

MARTY. Stay in it.

THERESA. (I have something to tell you.) Goulash… goulash goulash goulash.

JAMES. (What is it?) Ak Mak.

THERESA. (Sometimes, at night, I feel incredibly lonely.) Goulash, goulash, goulash goulash goulash.

JAMES. (I don’t understand what you’re saying.) Ak mak, Ak mak.

THERESA. (I lie in bed staring at the ceiling, and I think about couples and families, like you and Marty.) Goulash goulash goulash goulash, goulash goulash goulash goulash, goulash goulash goulash goulash.

JAMES. (You are very beautiful.) Ak mak, ak mak ak mak ak mak.

THERESA. (Are you sad, too?) Goulash?

JAMES. (I am attracted to you.) Ak mak.

THERESA. (You’re sad, too. I knew it.) Goulash goulash goulash. Goulash.

JAMES. (I feel really guilty when I think about how attracted I am to you.) Ak mak ak mak ak mak ak mak.

THERESA. (I feel like you understand me.) Goulash goulash.

JAMES. (I feel like you actually understand me.) Ak mak ak mak.

MARTY. Okay. Good. Stop. What were they communicating?