Lincoln’s Dream

By Phillip H. McMath

April 11, 12, 13, 14, 2019

Directed by Margaret Pierson-Bates




Successfully presented in 2016 as a Reader’s Theater, is returning for a special
presentation. This tragedy takes place in the last week of President Abraham Lincoln’s life.
While sitting in the office at the desk of Jefferson Davis, president of the confederacy who
had fled, Lincoln fell asleep. Did he dream? The play performs the dream he might have
dreamed as John Wilkes Booth plots his assassination.


Abraham Lincoln                      Chad Fulmer
Frederick Douglass                  Charles Holloway
Edwin Booth                              Ian McMath
John Surratt                              Joshua Marshall
John Wilkes Booth                   Ricco Ardemagni
Mary Todd Lincoln                   Stefanie Johnston
Asia Booth                                   Ivy McGrew
Elizabeth Keckley                       Felicia Richardson
Voodoo Woman                          Danette Scott Perry
Lee Hill                                         Captain Graves
Barry Clifton                                John Brown
Tabitha Wallace                          Chorus /Harriet Bailey
Jason Green                                 Chorus
Brooke Bellew                              Chorus
Max Green                                    Young Lincoln / Asa
Deb Lewis                                      Chorus / Laura Keene
Aaron Wallace                               Chorus / Young Booth
Tricia Spione                                  Chorus
Austin Wallace                               Chorus / Hangman




$16— Adults
$12— Students & Seniors
Thursday, Friday and Saturday night curtain time is 7:30 PM.
Sunday afternoon curtain time is 2:30 PM.


The Box Office and the theater open one (1) hour prior to curtain.
The House opens 30 minutes prior to curtain.
Please arrive promptly. There will be no late admission.
No Refunds or Exchanges