LINCOLN’S DREAM – Dramatic Reading with Reception

Lincoln's Dream - Dramatic Reading at TWTLINCOLN’S DREAM

By Phillip H. McMath

Saturday, October 8, 2016 / One Night Only!

Tickets: $20.00

6:30 pm / Pre-show Hors d’ Oeuvres
7:30 pm / Dramatic Reading
9:30 pm / Post-show Discussion – Talk about the play with the cast and creative team, ask questions, and provide feedback.


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“Lincoln’s Dream” is a Two-Act tragedy which takes place in the last week of President Abraham Lincoln’s life. On April 3rd, 1864, after some of the bloodiest fighting in our Civil War, General U.S. Grant forced General Robert E. Lee to abandon Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate Capital. On April 4th, Lincoln came in a small boat up the James River to the city, and, escorted by a small detachment of sailors and Marines, he ambled through the streets of the devastated capital where he was greeted with amazement by whites and jubilation by blacks. Soon, he found what he was looking for — the “Confederate White House.” Shown into the office of Jefferson Davis, the erstwhile president of the Confederacy who had fled, Lincoln went to Davis’s desk and sat in his chair. He requested a glass of water, drank deeply, and asked to be alone. Then he fell asleep. Did he dream? Lincoln was a great believer in dreams, and the play performs the dream he might have dreamed as Frederick Douglass, the great abolitionist and friend of Lincoln, appears like an apparition with his Chorus of friends and performs “Lincoln’s Dream.” Meanwhile, John Wilkes Booth, a tortured and talented actor from a great family of actors, plots his assassination of Lincoln. Awakened, Lincoln returns to Washington to learn of Lee’s surrender on April 9th, Palm Sunday, at Appomattox, then on Good Friday, April 14th, while attending the popular comedy “Our American Cousin” at the Ford Theater, he was murdered by Booth.

Directed by Matthew Mentgen


Abraham Lincoln – Jacob Sturgeon

Captain Thomas Graves – Jeffery Lewellen

John Wilkes Booth – Ryan A. Whitfield

Mary Todd Lincoln – Brooke Ballew

Frederick Douglass -Anthony L. Baker

Asia Booth Clark – Nichole Henry

Edwin Booth – Marcus Vowell

Voodoo Woman/Chorus – Patrice D. Phillips

Chorus – Skye Martin

Chorus – Tricia Spione

Chorus – Homer “HG” Wells

Chorus – Canae Machelle White