The Weekend Theater Announces New Artistic Director!

The Weekend Theater Announces New Artistic Director!

David Weatherly is thrilled to be the new Artistic Director at The Weekend Theater. Well known in the Central Arkansas Community Theater scene as a versatile character actor and director who has worked with almost every theater in Central Arkansas (amateur or professional), Weatherly’s passion for theater, instilled in him at a young age by his parents, has led him to be a staunch advocate for the expansion of the local theater scene, and has him wanting to redefine the concept of what the public perceives as “Community Theater.”

Weatherly stated, “For many people they view community theater the way it is often portrayed in popular culture, a bunch of bad actors throwing an over done show together for their own ego’s.  My over 30 plus years performing in plays, has taught me that maybe true for some places but not here in Little Rock.  We, as a community, are passionate about the art we are creating and the talent pool we draw from is amazing.  We act as professionals, just without the pay truly for the love, and strive to entertain every audience and to change the mind of those new to the scene.”

Weatherly started acting at the age of 11 in the Youth Theater Summer program at the University of Central Arkansas way back in the 1900’s. He was signed up by his parents, Allen and Peggy, as a way to have him see what an actor goes through and to respect the process as much as the final product. He was bitten by the acting bug and has been studying theater and acting ever since. Performing in everything he could seeing and reading numerous shows and resources on techniques and other theories. He studied Theater at the University of Central Arkansas where he learned all he could about the other aspects of theater, before moving to New York City to study Musical Theater Performance at American Musical and Dramatic Academy. “Youth Theater made me fall in love with acting,” Weatherly commented, “UCA taught me the art of it and broadened my world and knowledge of it, and AMDA taught me how to act like a professional. But the Weekend helped me rediscover my passion for it.”

In 2009 Weatherly moved back to Central Arkansas after the 2008 recession, and since then he has been a staple on the stage around here with the Weekend and the Studio being the places you can see him the most in. He loves the message of the Weekend and believes in the Credo and feels that in seeing the shows we choose we can learn and grow while being entertained. Weatherly hopes to help the Weekend produce high quality shows that, as the tag line says, “Laugh, Cry, Think, and Act.” He also hopes to help bring more people into our community who have always wanted to try to be in a show but didn’t know how to be a part or if they could.

“The future is wide open, we have had performers and directors go on to big things, professional acting careers or become Theater teachers. Some have started writing and have had plays published. So maybe the next Tom Hanks, Kristen Chenowith, Stephen Spielberg, Stephen Sondheim, or David Mamet out there and is just waiting for a place like the Weekend to help them find that passion we all have. That makes me very excited.’

Weatherly would like to thank his family for their support all these years, and the Weekend Theater board for this opportunity and their trust in him.

“Now, lets make some art.”

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  1. Excited to see how the weekend theater continues to evolve under David’s excellent leadership.

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